Solano Community College - Summer Swing

Date: 00/00/0000 Location: Fairfield, CA

This project was the result of classroom displacement during construction of the new Theater building and the District sought options to address from CA Architects. Our studies began with Planning options for the campus and included a variety of smaller projects to address costume shop, prop shop, temporary stage and related projects that due to limited scope and cost were exempt from DSA review. The planning studies provided the District with options for new relocatables on the existing Fairfield Campus and based on our recommendation, the SCCD selected the best site for access, site utilities and complaint egress based on adjacency calculations. In addition, CA Architects address minor existing access site compliance issues that were note completely address in previous, non-CA Architects projects. 

CA Architects worked directly with relocatable suppliers, geotechnical engineers, local fire authorities and DSA to address all of the review requirements for DSA approval. CA Architects also worked with the District and the IOR to address all RFI’s, Submittals to meet the demands of the District Schedule for Fall 2015 classes.